I am writing about school instead of studying for it #procrastination

Being a Year 12 music student is fantastic. Not only do I now have VIP-access to the music rooms (hellooo jammin’ during free periods study lessons), the music course is infinitely better. As a vocalist, I’ve been suffocating at the hands of the Prelim syllabus, which is based around music of the 1600s-1900s. You try finding a suitable vocal solo piece that isn’t operatic/shorter than 2 minutes – and I’m not a classical singer!! You need a lifetime a lot of classical training to reach an acceptable standard for assessments, which I don’t have. Which is why this year is set to be much better – I am doing both Music 2 and Music Extension, so I need to perform six pieces as well as write a two-minute composition. One of my performance songs is “Wicked Game” originally by Chris Isaak, but I’m going to use elements of the cover by Parra for Cuva (feat. Anna Naklab).

I’ve just bought the “Ministry of Sound Chillout Sessions XVII” which is where I first heard that version – I love the album! It’s my new ‘study playlist’, as well as Angus & Julia Stone’s new album, “Angus & Julia Stone”. Anyways I’ve got to actually go and make use of these new purchases (my exams begin in less than a week!!) so I’ll catch y’all later.

17 and lethal (jks)

Just a quick note of apology, admittedly primarily aimed at myself – I have not posted anything since July. THREE MONTHS HAVE PASSED and not a single musing has escaped my laptop. And perhaps more importantly, I feel as if I have achieved nothing of great significance in that time!! What is to become of me; oh, the travesty (note the correct use of a semicolon here; I am a self-proclaimed semicolon junkie).

As if that wasn’t enough, I am now 17 and still do not possess a single streak of the angsty-moody-rebellious-teenager gene (although who am I to comment on my life’s scientific composition, having just dropped out of my Chemistry class – another downfall!). Alas, I consider one of life’s simple pleasures to be a sunny spot on the balcony, chillin’ to Phoenix’s smooth grooves whilst sipping a strawberry smoothie – surely that’s enough to get me a pensioner’s card?!

I jest, I jest. I can’t always hide my hidden teenager. I’m currently writing trying to write my blog, I spend hours on the internet at a time (even if all my download is spent on watching rad cover songs like this), and I am successfully failing at least one subject at school – all admirable parts of teenagerdom. I lament the atrocious price-tags of band merch, as well as the unfortunate lack of all-ages concerts and events near me :'(.

Yes, “sometimes I wish I wasn’t so, uncoordinated so” (ily Babaganoüj – in fact I just bought one of their t-shirts wooo, you should too they’re fab) – however, I’ve just bought yet another Kimbra album, so all is right with the world.

Peace out.



iTunes Single of the Week #1 – ‘Talk Too Much’ by Andy Bull

I’m just gonna put it out there: I still buy all my music. I know, book me into the nearest nursing home, grandma coming through – I’m just not sold on illegally downloading music. My dream is to one day make a living through my music, and I can’t justify effectively taking money from the bands and artists we love. Especially when iTunes gives away a song FOR FREE every week (props to Tim Cook) – and even more so when they personally gift-wrap and hand you Talk Too Much by Sydney artist Andy Bull. This singer-songwriter has produced alternative hits such as Keep On Running and Baby I Am Nobody Now, and this song (in my humble opinion) is all that and more.

The first synth part retains elements of his earlier work, and paired with a persistent drum beat throughout the whole song, really lifts the track. But what gives Bull the edge are his rich vocals. Ohh I could listen to him sing all day (not to be confused with Allday) about anything. Even cleaning up your room mate’s mess in the bathroom after last night’s fiesta would be heavenly. He’s done well by stripping back the synth to showcase his soaring tenor voice – also note the intensity of the chorus, woah.

I first heard Bull on Triple J’s Hottest 100 2013, and I do think he’s got a great chance of scoring another mention this year. I’m also super happy for more action on the Sydney music scene (yeah back off Melbourne, we’ve got Andy Bull) and the return of a great artist. So go on, give your ears a treat and go grab Talk Too Much (or just watch it below). Let me know what you think in the comments below!


Doctor Who Parody by The Hillywood Show®

Ok, here’s a fun fact about me: I love Doctor Who.

It’s my favourite TV show OF ALL TIME gasp – honestly, it’s brilliant, funny, exciting, heart-warming etcetera etcetera. I’ve been a fan ever since I was 7 or 8 – both my parents are British, so it’s been a staple of our TV watching for… forever. And since it’s been years since the last episode (nah, that’s more true for Sherlock – yeah, I went there) I’ve been forced to trawl through endless cast and writer interviews, previous episodes, various Reddit conspiracies and theories about the show, and other blogs just to sate my thirst for new material. And I came across this video in a post by The Collective (check out their blog, I love it!) – it’s fantastic! As The Collectiva rightly points out, everything from the music to David Tennant’s voice-overs is perfect. Go check it out, I’d love to hear your thoughts! 🙂


Hello! Bonjour! Guten Tag! Hola! Konnichiwa!

So here it is. My first step. The premier shout-out into the vast blogosphere. Something that I’ll look back at fondly at some stage – or more likely, I’ll cringe and hurriedly click away. But we all have to start somewhere, right?

Welcome to Banana Jukebox! Your readership is much appreciated, even if you only appeared here by mistake. This blog is the culmination of many a rainy day spent dreaming of starting a blog about what I love. That is, for the most part, music, food and writing. Here you can expect to find my thoughts on all kinds of groovy tunes, usually of the indie/alternative genre (yes, and I’m proud of that) but anything really that catches my eye (and ears). I’ll also throw in (at no extra cost) my foodie-favourites – I eat wheat-free and dairy-free (WF/DF for future reference), so there’ll be more than a few recipes that cater for that. Basically I like to think this blog will eventually become a haven for all my musings about music, food, lifestyle and random oddballs.

But I’m getting ahead of things – allow me to introduce myself. I’m Banana Blogger, a student from Sydney, Australia who has chosen to be cyber-safe and adopt a pseudonym (for now). Music is a major part of who I am, and I love to share it with others. I’m actually a singer myself (and yes, I do count that as an instrument!) and my dream job would be to join a band and make a living from performing. I also love to run! cue groans – honestly, it’s so much fun AND sort-of makes up for all the brownies I indulge in (I’m always looking for new WF/DF brownie recipes!). You’ll also see in my profile picture my dog, Banjo – he’s a cavoodle and is adorable, so be prepared for some more snaps of him.

Finally, just a heads-up on the whole, “Banana Jukebox” title thing. I wanted this blog to have a name that defined both music and spontaneity – and after a hard battle with the available list of domains (that was brutal, let me tell you!), I settled on Banana Jukebox. Fruit, and an old music player – I love it! Also, it’s a pretty memorable name, designed to be shouted from the heavens and spread throughout the land! (But for now I’ll settle with just a few new followers.)

So what do you think? You being the lone ranger, reading these first words – I’m writing here to share my thoughts with others, and learn from them in turn. So please, comment below, if only to give a fellow blogger a simple “g’day” and a message of encouragement/constructive criticism.

-Banana Blogger

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